Are you the new Social Media Master of Fariko?

Who are we?

Fariko is a Dutch organization that originally focuses on Esports. In the following years, various business units have been added such as personal development, coaching, team building and organizing events.

Within Fariko we are always working on developing ourselves, but also the business and community in which we operate. We do this with the following mindset; improving yourself and sharing fun is more important than winning, check the website if you want to know more about the Fariko philosophy. This is also the reason that Fariko has recently dived into the fun, challenging and hugely popular game League of Legends.

What value can you have for Fariko:

Because the League of Legends department within Fariko is on the rise, we are now looking for a true social media master. The role you will fulfill is focused on content and community within League of Legends. The goal in this role is to make people love Fariko. You do this by looking for communication with the target group via all social media and the website through fun posts, witty responses and written pieces on the website

Fariko is convinced that a good social media master, the fan base and the good feeling that people have at Fariko can grow in order to be able to take the entire organization to the next level in this way.

How are you going to do this?

  1. You are the editor of Fariko’s social media channels, nothing goes online without you knowing about it;
  2. You write pieces for the website on a variety of topics from competitions, to players or business related matters;
  3. You seek the connection with the Fariko fans by posting content and responding to messages from our fans.

What makes you rock this position:

  1. You have an excellent command of the Dutch language in word and writing;
  2. You are familiar with League of Legends (played yourself is an advantage);
  3. You are the type who can respond quickly and wittily;
  4. You master the English language in word and writing (pre);
  5. You are present every week at the meeting to discuss progress;
  6. You have 2/3 examples / drafts of written pieces, witty tweets / nice posts.

What can Fariko do for you:

  1. You become part of the Fariko family;
  2. You are part of a growing organization;
  3. You will receive personal coaching in the Fariko way to get the best out of yourself. Attention is also paid to self-development, this is done by means of MBTI.
  4. You get access to the office environment.

After reading this vacancy, are you just as enthusiastic as when we created it? Respond quickly and send your CV and the examples / drafts of your written documents or nice posts to

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