“Life is like a Game: Improving Yourself
and Sharing Fun is more important than winning.”

Alexander Korf, Fariko Founder and World Champion Coach


Our roots lay in competitive gaming, also known as Esports. We have won many national and international titles and we even became the first  World Champions in Call of Duty in 2013. 



The key to self-improvement is coaching. Our experience shows that individuals reach a ceiling when improving is done by themselves. Coaching helps to shatter that ceiling and achieve levels that were otherwise unreachable. 

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The goal of our events is to Share fun with others. Sometimes a person needs to relax and get away from change and education and just hang with friends. We got you.


Team Building

Our ultimate goal is to help people become a valued member of a team. We share our teambuilding experienc to pave the way to achieve that goal.

Balance with a Smile

Fariko’s mission is to help improve the world by using the Fariko Focus, a derivative of MBTI. We have discovered and developped the Fariko Focus during our years of competitive gaming experience. Now we are fanning out into 4 area’s where we apply this knowledge: Esports, Coaching, Events and Team Buidling. 

Watch Our Philosophy Explained

In this short video Alexander Korf, Founder of Fariko, explains what Fariko is all about.

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